Posted on November 10th, 2021

What is a roofing system, and why is it important?

A roof is an essential part of a home. A house without a roof is not a house at all, for it is a roof that protects you from harsh weather like rain, wind, hail, snow, dust and keeps dangerous birds and animals away from entering the house. Roofs keep the house warm in winters and cool in summers. It is a roof that keeps you and your family safe and protected in your homes. Roofs come in different shapes, materials, styles and vary in durability. It is therefore vital to choose the right kind for yourself and your family. Let us introduce you to the wide variety of roof styles and materials available in the market. 

Which is the most long-lasting roof? 

A long-lasting roof is a prerequisite for all homes. It not only saves you money but ensures you are safe and protected in the comfort of your homes. Naturally, long-lasting roofs are made of material that decays very slowly, like concrete, clay, or tiles. 

Clay tiles are one of the most popular roofing materials globally and date back 5,000 years to glazed earthenware rooftops in China. It is the most durable as well as aesthetically pleasing kind of roofing available. Clay tiles are low maintenance and add to the curb appeal of a home. Made of natural and rigid material, it regulates the temperature inside the house. They usually come in natural, earthy colors. You can also glaze them in a color of your choosing before being baked into shape. They are used to improve the aesthetic appearance and last 50 to 100 years or more.

Slate roofing is a premium roof system made of natural slate tiles and other slate roofing materials. It has a long lifespan, is low-maintenance, and is durable. It is one of the most beautiful and long-lasting roof systems in the market. Several options are available, from natural, quarried slate, or synthetic alternatives like fiber cement slate or bituminous styles. It can last 50 to 200 years. 

Concrete roofing tiles are made of a mixture of cement, sand, and water as an alternative roofing material. It has a long lifespan, is durable, and is very cost-effective. There are both lightweight and standard-weight concrete roofing options available for you to choose from according to your preference. These roofs are solid and comfortable and have a lifespan of up to 50-100 years. 

While the roof styles mentioned above are the most long-lasting, there are several other roofing options available. One of the most common roofings used in the United States is asphalt shingles. This roofing system is the most cost-effective and can last up to 30 years. More eco-friendly options like solar shingles are slowly being introduced now in the market. 

One should keep in mind the cost, durability, aesthetics, and repair cost of the roofing systems they are looking for. These parameters define the actual quality of roofing material. 

Thus, choosing the right roofing contractor is integral for you to find your perfect match. Our roofing company has all kinds of different roofings available for you to choose from. You need to select the type of roof that suits your home, climate, and budget. And make sure to find the right roofing contractor for you.